Route 9. Bejeras route

Technical data

Distance: 19.3km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 191m

Time: 5h 15m

Exit: Park in front of the new Urbanization

Percentage of trail: 1%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 3

Type of route: Circular


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"Bejeras", the ancient art of beekeeping

Honey has always been a very important resource in the Middle Zone of Navarre; so much so that the traditional "bejeras", a group of beehives that live in community in a rectangular stone "habitat" located in the shelter of a small hill and facing south, are still preserved. On this interesting route with information panels you will learn a lot about them.

The ‘’bejeras’’ are traditional constructions typical of the middle area of Navarre that have been preserved in large numbers in the municipality of Larraga. Each ‘’bejera’’ houses a group of beehives that live in community in a rectangular stone "habitat" (the bejera) located in the shelter of a small hill and facing south. They are usually accompanied by other auxiliary constructions such as acclimatization cells or a hut. They are always located near a well, stream or pond, and surrounded by fruit trees where the bees can drink the nectar from their flowers. The Town Council of Larraga, aware of their value, has thus created a space for the interpretation of the 'Bejeras' together with the routes, with the aim of enhancing the cultural landscape of these unique elements. The aim is to study them and make them known so that they are not lost, as they are part of the tradition and life of the people of Larraga and are a cultural heritage worth preserving. The first step to enhance their value is for people to know how they work and what their mission is. To do this, each of the ‘’Bejeras’’ has a panel explaining its characteristics. In addition, in the ‘’bejera’’ that is the interpretation center is completed and contextualized, providing it with the auxiliary buildings that are missing, accompanying it with appropriate vegetation and placing explanatory panels that make the visit didactic for both young and old.

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Carretera Berbinzana, 12


Carretera Estella, s/n


Calle del Pinar, 46 Bis


Calle Mayor, 3


Calle Eugenio Mendioroz, 1



Calle Santiago, 5


Calle Los Fueros, 10


Calle El Pinar, 46 Bis


Carretera Berbinzana, 12


Calle Eugenio Mendioroz, 5


Calle Mayor, 58


Calle San Juan, 24


Calle Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada, 36


Calle San Saturnino, 52


Calle Eugenio Mendioroz, 9


Calle Concepción, 17