Route 26. Balgorra

Technical data

Distance: 9.8km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 220m

Time: 2h 45m

Exit: North exit of Tafalla towards Pueyo, next to the industrial estate roundabout.

Percentage of trail: 3%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 2

Type of route: Racket


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Through rolling landscapes and farmland

A circular route that crosses undulating landscapes, dotted with holm oaks, between crop fields and sandstone areas until it reaches a high point from where the town can be seen.

We walk through the municipality of Balgorra which, in its furthest part, towards the east, belongs to Sánsoain. Shortly after starting the path we advance next to a natural wall of rock and earth where we can appreciate the morphology of the soil in this area. We can see that the rock is a fine-grained sandstone that will become thicker as we ascend. This sandstone is cemented with limestone which, given the rainfall in the area, will produce basic soils with an abundance of clay like the ones we see between the rocks. If you leave the path on a rainy day you can see the abundance of clay on your boots. As soon as we cross under the railway track we see the Fuente del Rey. After passing the motorway tunnel, we continue along a path that runs parallel to the Balgorra ravine. We begin to ascend little by little along the slopes of the Guindilla Mountains. On the way we can take a detour for a minute to visit "cabaña redonda", a peculiar ovoid-shaped stone construction documented by Jimeno Jurío. In about 2 km we will reach a high point after a steep final slope from where we have a good view of the whole valley with Tafalla in the background. Undulating landscape, populated by scrubland, cereal fields and dotted with the occasional holm oak, all closely watched by the slender windmills that have changed the view of the landscape. After passing by the hamlet of Pozuelo, we climb a little and take a narrow path between kermes oak trees. Shortly after, we start a gentle descent along the Balgorra path that will take us to the starting point of this route.

Route profile

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Calle Madre Nicol, 15


Calle República Argentina, 3


Avda. Sangüesa 15


Calle Javier Osés, 4


Calle Escuelas Pías, 11


Plaza Francisco de Navarra, 4


Carretera Pamplona-Zaragoza km. 38


Calle Tubal, 14



Plaza Francisco De Navarra, 4


Calle Escuelas Pias, 7


Camino Pedrera


Camino Congosto 2


Calle Javier Osés, 4


Avenida Nuestra Señora De Ujué, 18


Carretera Zaragoza, 24


Calle Camino Del Planillo S/N


Calle Misericordia, 2