Route 24. Santacara Site and Castle

Technical data

Distance: 9km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 100m

Time: 2h 20m

Exit: Plaza Nueva de Santacara

Percentage of trail: 1%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 2

Type of route: Circular


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A stroll among Roman ruins, Medieval remains and riverside forests.

Santacara is known for the ruins of the Roman city of Cara and for its medieval tower, cut by its vertical axis. It is also a town on the banks of the Aragon River. This route will take you to discover the Roman and medieval ruins’’ and surprise you with the rich vegetation of the riverside forest, home to mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

The emblematic tower of Santacara, visible from a large part of the Aragón valley, is the only visible remains of an important castle that was demolished in the 16th century and whose tower was not demolished from below, as was customary, but cut along its vertical axis, leaving it as it can be seen today. At the opposite end of the village, close to the Aragón river, are the ruins of the Roman City of Cara (1st century BC - 4th century AD), which have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and can be visited from the outside. The proposed hiking route is divided into two distinct loops: the first is the ascent to the Castle of Santacara and the visit to the ‘’Torre Mayor’’, while the second, longer, heads west to return to visit the groves of the Aragon River and finishes passing by the Roman site. It is possible to do each loop separately, or both in a row. The ascent to the castle is done by the less steep path that borders the hill to the north, and then descends directly down the stairs. The second loop begins by following the Ramal de la Barca, an old cattle path, and then crosses the NA-1240 road that leads to Traibuenas and returns through the orchards and fields that border the Aragón river and its riverside woods.

Route profile

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Carretera Zaragoza, km 58


Calle Carretera, 76


Calle Aragón, 2


Calle Santa Úrsula, 63


C/ Mayor 97



Calle Ericalta, 13


Calle La Paz, 11


Calle De Los Cruceros, 19


Calle La Paz, 2


Calle Santa Ursula, 63


Calle La Igualdad 32


Calle Rafael Aizpún, 6


Calle La Igualdad 33


Travesía San Miguel, 3


Calle Barrio Bajo, 36


Calle Trashumancia, 2