Route 2. Dolmens of Artajona

Technical data

Distance: 1.5km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 52m

Time: 30m

Exit: Portillo de Enériz, 3.6 km from El Cerco and the cemetery.

Percentage of trail: 70%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 1

Type of route: Racket


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Journey to prehistory

A medieval village and prehistoric dolmens. A short tour that will allow you to walk in a place where people have lived for many centuries.

A very short walk, perfect for children, which allows a prehistoric journey thanks to the visit of two dolmens of the "corridor" type made up of large stones. Access is from the Cerco de Artajona, next to the cemetery, from where we drive about four kilometers along a dirt road until we reach the car park where there is an information panel. Barely forty metres away is the dolmen of "Portillo de Enériz", one of the most important preserved prehistoric monuments in Navarre. The enormous stone slabs that form it and the large tumulus, almost three metres high, on which it stands, are striking. From here, the views over the village are beautiful. You will return to the path to get closer to the other dolmen, "Mina de Farangortea", which is 850 metres away, after crossing through a pine forest. It is an interesting contrast between this funerary vestige erected by our ancestors and the modern wind turbines that dot the mountains.

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