Route 12. Iratxeta mycological trail

Technical data

Distance: 6.7km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 215m

Time: 2h 15m

Exit: : NA-5100 road, just before the crossroads of Iracheta and the chapel of San Miguel.

Percentage of trail: 23%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 3 - 2

Type of route: Racket


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A walk through the forest visiting Iratxeta and its ‘’hórreo’’ (granary)

The village of Iratxeta is worth a visit on its own, but if we add a forest rich in mushrooms and the possibility of visiting the most southerly ‘’hórreo’’ in Navarre, the interest of this simple route is amplified.

With a racquet-shaped route, this itinerary runs through forests of gall oaks and pines through the valley formed by the Ugurutz ravine. Throughout the route we can enjoy contemplating and collecting different types of mushrooms, always respecting the rules of sustainable harvesting. After finishing this pleasant hiking route, it is highly recommended to visit the beautiful village of Iratxeta and admire the unique construction of its ‘’hórreo’’ made of stone, with a slab roof and semicircular arches. It is the most preserved ‘’hórreo’’ in the south of Navarre. The route starts on a farm track that for 2 km crosses dry fields and slopes of pines and gall oaks. After crossing a stream, and before reaching the Corral del Liberal, we leave the main track to begin the ascent along the path of Monte de Abajo, a beautiful path through the gall oak grove that leads to the head of the ravine. The following descent along the slopes of Ugurutz, although short, is very steep, and can be avoided by returning along the same path. Once down, we will meet up with with a comfortable forest path that leads back to Iracheta.

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Carretera Pamplona-Tafalla, 33


Calle Dr. Navarro, 12



Calle Agrupación Chapardia, 7


Carretera Pamplona-Tafalla, 33


Calle Palacio De Drundin, 12