Route 7. Route of Christ and an Archaeological Site

Technical data

Distance: 6.5km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 155m

Time: 1h 55m

Exit: Next to the church of Santa Fé, in the upper quarter of Caparroso.

Percentage of trail: 12%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 2

Type of route: Circular


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A river walk among geological formations and gothic ruins

Walk among the amazing geological formations of the Cabrería ravine, stroll in the river groves of the Aragón and enjoy ancient medieval buildings. A short route that adds many places of interest and extensive views.

The church of El Cristo is located in an emblematic place to the west of Caparroso, visible from all the surrounding area and overlooking the valleys of the Aragón and Cidacos rivers. Next to it are the remains of the old settlement of Caparroso, abandoned around the 14th century. A little further up we find an impressive viewpoint over the Central Zone of Navarre and the Pyrenees. In addition, the Aragón River forms interesting groves in this area, some of which are Nature Reserves, with an important presence of birds. The proposed route crosses all these points of interest and allows us to contemplate the surprising geological formations of the Cabrería ravine. Starting from the church of Santa Fe, instead of ascending directly to ‘’the Christ’’, the route heads south along the Camino del Sotillo. After 1 km you reach the first detour of the route, optional but highly recommended, which leads to the impressive viewpoint of the Pata del Soldado. Once back, halfway up the slope, a narrow path goes around the chasms until you reach the site of the ancient settlement, divided into two areas. Thirdly, we will visit the church of the Christ and return to the site, and from there we will return to Caparroso along the Aragón River undergrowth.

Route profile

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Carretera Zaragoza, km 58


Calle Carretera, 76


Calle Aragón, 2



Calle La Igualdad 32


Calle Rafael Aizpún, 6


Calle La Igualdad 33


Travesía San Miguel, 3


Calle Barrio Bajo, 36


Calle Trashumancia, 2


Calle Carmen, 15


Calle Sol, 85


Calle San Francisco Javier, 12


Plaza Juan Carlos I, 3


Plaza Juan Carlos I, 1