Route 32. Redondiaga and Ollatu

Technical data

Distance: 11.3km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 260m

Time: 3h 5m

Exit: Ujué, at the southern end of the town next to the hermitage of San Miguel.

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 3

Type of route: Circular


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A walk between ravines from the emblematic Ujué

Ujué is one of the most picturesque medieval villages in Navarre. From its location it overlooks a wide landscape with an extensive unpopulated area that we suggest you walk through. A path between ravines that flow into the river Aragón and steep slopes dotted with woodland.

To the southeast of the town of Ujué there is an enormous unpopulated area of holm oak and pine forests dotted with some cultivated fields that stretches as far as Murillo el Fruto. This large expanse of woodland is crossed by several ravines that flow into the River Aragón, including the Redondiaga ravine. The steep slopes of Redondiaga and Ollatu close this ravine to the south and are crossed by paths such as the ones along this route. The route starts next to the Romanesque chapel of San Miguel (13th century) and heads southeast along the Camino de Muelas. After descending along it for 1.7 km, we reach the Santa Cruz pond, where we take a detour to the left to continue along the plain, skirting the Ollatu woods. After cresting a small hill and passing by the ruins of the Corral de las Vacas, the path descends until it meets a track coming from the north. At this point you must turn 180º to return to Ujué heading north along the wooded slopes of Redondiaga and Ollatu. The last 2 km consist of a steep climb from the ravine to the town of Ujué, the final point of the route.

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Calle Santa Mar, s/n


Calle San Isidro, 41


Calle Villeta, 19


Calle Santa María, s/n


Calle San Isidro, 17



Calle San Isidro, 32


Calle San Isidro, 32


Calle San Isidro, 32


Calle Rua, 17


Arrabal Del Sol


Calle Pilarraña, 8