Route 15. Cañada Real de Salazar

Technical data

Distance: 5.5km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 115m

Time: 1h 32m

Exit: Urban crossing of Murillo el Fruto, in the esplanade next to the bar El Fruto

Percentage of trail: 20%

MIDE: 1 - 2 - 2 - 2

Type of route: Circular


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Along the paths of transhumance

The Cañada Real from Murillo el Fruto to Salazar links the Pyrenean pastures with the wintering areas in La Ribera de Navarra and the Bardenas. A route to feel the routes that people and animals have travelled since the Middle Ages.

The Cañada Real from Murillo el Fruto to Salazar has been, since the Middle Ages, one of the main cattle routes in Navarre, linking the Pyrenean pastures of the Salazar Valley (Ori and Abodi) with the Bardenas and the Ribera Navarra. The hiking route that we propose runs along the first kilometers of the Cañada Real and the area known as El Pinar, to finish by ascending to El Castillar or "Altobarrio", where the remains of the old fortress and the archaeological site of the original village of Murillo el Fruto, whose origins date back to no less than the Iron Age, can be found. From Murillo el Fruto, the route first heads towards El Pinar, located to the northeast of the town. Once at the top, the route turns towards the Ujué road and becomes flatter. After crossing the road, it continues through fields until it reaches the Cañada Real de Salazar, which descends again to Murillo. Shortly after, we find the crossroads where the path that goes up to El Castillar starts, a must for its cultural interest and for the spectacular panoramic views over the town and the whole valley of the Aragón River.

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Calle Santa Úrsula, 63


C/ Mayor 97


Calle Carretera, 76


Calle Aragón, 2



Calle Ericalta, 13


Calle La Paz, 11


Calle De Los Cruceros, 19


Calle La Paz, 2


Calle Santa Ursula, 63


Travesía San Miguel, 3


Calle Barrio Bajo, 36


Calle Trashumancia, 2