Route 10. Mycological Itinerary Orísoain - San Pelayo

Technical data

Distance: 9.8km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 408m

Time: 3h 15m

Exit: Entrance to Orísoain

Percentage of trail: 22%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 3

Type of route: Circular


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A circular route with mushrooms and fungi as protagonists

In addition to the ascent to San Pelayo, through forests and areas of mycological interest, there is also the possibility of visiting the pretty villages of Amatriain and Orísoain. A circular route that will take you three and a half hours of walking, completing 420 m of positive difference in altitude. Of course, if you are going to pick mushrooms, follow the recommendations.

The Valdorba Valley has had a network of mycological itineraries for decades, including the Amatriain-Orísoain crossing, passing through the summit of San Pelayo (958 m). The hiking route that we propose, signposted in 2022, is the result of adding to this route a long linking section between Orísoain and Amátriain, obtaining a circular path. The route starts crossing the beautiful town of Orísoain and leaves the town along the Camino de San Pelayo in an easterly direction. The ascent to the emblematic mountain of San Pelayo is an uninterrupted climb of almost 400 m of unevenness that alternates tracks and paths. After passing by the hermitage and enjoying the excellent panoramic views, the descent is made along a narrow path that descends towards the south and gradually widens until it reaches the vicinity of Amatriain. There it will be possible to visit the village by taking a 300 m detour, or to return to Orísoain along a wide path with hardly any difficulty, enjoying the mosaic landscape generated by the crops.

Route profile

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Calle Santa María de Sansoain, 29


Calle Venta Vieja, 2



Calle Mayor, 21


Calle El Sombrio, 1


Calle Mayor, 3


Camino Aranbero, 9


Calle Arturo Campión S/N