Route 1. Pinar del Monte and The Artajona Forest

Technical data

Distance: 9.5km

Accumulated positive difference in altitude: 248m

Time: 3h 10m

Exit: Artajona reservoir access crossing

Percentage of trail: 73%

MIDE: 2 - 2 - 2 - 2

Type of route: Circular


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Through the landscapes of the Middle Ages

Pines, oaks and holm oaks, dolmens and fields with a view of the walls of the Cerco de Artajona.

The route begins by following a beautiful path between oaks and holm oaks, in the area known as the Pinar del Monte. For 2 km, the route continues ascending slightly along several stretches of very pleasant paths, always parallel to the NA-6020 road. After crossing a small stream, turn east following a comfortable farming road that ascends to the head of the ravine. From there, a very long and well-defined path starts, which ascends rapidly to cover the whole succession of ridges in the area of the Artajona Forest. Unfortunately in 2016 a fire destroyed a large part of the forest, but the views of the surroundings are still spectacular. Keep in mind that all the trails on the route are shared with mountain bikes, which are very common in the area. A common use between those who use the trail is essential, remember that in the mountain all activities are carried out as long as they are done with respect for others.

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Calle Eugenio Mendioroz, 1


Calle Mayor, 3



Calle Eugenio Mendioroz, 5


Calle Mayor, 58


Calle San Juan, 24


Calle Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada, 36


Calle San Saturnino, 52


Calle Eugenio Mendioroz, 9


Calle Concepción, 17